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We all have the ability to overwork and all of us need to relax! This is where massage comes in! It’s a good solution and may relieve your back and neck pain and bring you peace of mind. People in the USA visit massage therapists 230 million times each year and 88% agree that massage can be effective in reducing pain, especially in the back. So let’s discuss some types of massages that you can use to alleviate neck and back pain.

Bright Side shares these concerns with you and brings you 9 types of Massage in Delhi you can use to relieve the tense muscles in your neck and back. There is also a bonus at the end of the article!

Self-massage techniques

To relax and get rid of pain in the shoulders and neck with pressure points
Many Types of Massage That Can Help You With Your Back and Neck Pain

Is it effective? The practice and research say yes. It turns out that acupressure and reflexology work at reducing pain in 9 out of 10 studies. You can massage your trigger points that are connected to your back. There are many points on your body, so before doing this have a consultation with a specialist. There are some points that you can use to relax your neck, your back, or your entire body, including the back and neck.

Take your time and to it when you don't need to be in a rush.
Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.
Relax. Breathe deeply and close your eyes.
Use firm, deep pressure in small rotating or up-and-down movements.

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